Welcome to the Friends of Hamble Primary website.


Friends of Hamble Primary School team have formed to take forward the aims of raising additional money to provide facilities and equipment to benefit the learning and happiness of the children at Hamble Primary School.

You can find out about the latest news and fundraising events for the school and how you can get involved on this site.


Committee Trustees

Chair: Lisa Russell

Treasurer: Katie Gillespie

Secretary: William Gillespie


Class Ambassadors

Apples: Lorraine Martin, Julie Woodley, Laura Wilson

Pears: Lucy Armstrong

Rabbits: Vicki Wilkinson, Lorraine Martin, Sue Slattery

Hedgehogs: Kelly Harrison, Soo Smith, Shantha Dickinson, Audrey Olden

Squirrels: Shantha Dickinson

Pandas: Roz Munday, Julie Woodley

Penguins: Grace Dunn, Vicki Wilkinson

Tigers: Suzie Brushett, Fiona Roy

Snow Leopards: Lorraine Martin

Rhinos: Terry Edwards









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Crowdfunding For Year R & KS1 Outdoor Learning Area

‘Friends of Hamble Primary School’ has BIG plans for an outdoor learning area at Hamble Primary School and we need your help!  As a parent-led fundraising volunteer group, we often rely on our community to support initiatives and as a local business there are lots of ways you could get involved.